2 minutes with: Julian Prokaza Editor PC Projects

What is the ethos of the magazine? The first issue launched this month and I suppose the soundbite would be that the aim is to give practical, jargon-free advice about doing more with your computer.

Why launch a magazine concentrating on computer projects?

Realistically, most people who want to have a computer already have one so they have less need for a computer-buyer magazine. What we are for is to show what they can do with their computer. Maybe the computer has been sitting gathering dust for six months; maybe the kids just use it for games. So we hope to show people how to take it further and do more with it. The research says that this is a growing market.

Who are your target readers?

The marketing department would say 35 to 55-year-olds, but really it’s for anyone with a computer.

How should PROs target you?

Press releases are a good way, by whichever means. PROs should be aware that we are not a big reviews magazine. We are focused on software and giving a more in-depth look at how to use it.

What would you describe as a typical good story?

We are not really a reporting-type magazine covering news stories

or events in a big way. Rather, we are looking at innovations and

how to use them. I would be looking for something innovative which will have an impact on our readers.

What magazines do you see as your competitors?

The official Windows XP magazine and the unofficial Windows XP Made Easy.

What are your deadlines?

We come out every four weeks with the current issue out on 3 July. We need to get anything a couple of months before the on-sale date.

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