2 minutes with: Norman Quirk Managing director, Saga 105.2fm

Why launch in Glasgow? There are 725,000 people aged 50 and over in the area and we felt they were not being served by radio and have become disenfranchised. However, people in Glasgow spend 15 per cent more on leisure than those in the rest of the UK.

Why should PROs care about over-50s?

Eighty per cent of wealth in the UK is in the hands of people aged 50 and over. I find it amazing that marketers have ignored these people for so long.

What do you want from PROs?

Anybody with an interesting feature or story about the grey market should let us know. I want us to be the natural and obvious conduit to get to this market. But let’s look at the positives about being over 50. It should be about adventure holidays as much as the health issues affecting older people.

How will you balance music and talk?

During the day it will average at about 65 per cent music and 35 per cent talk.

Are younger listeners discouraged?

No. My son is 29 and likes much of the same music as me. The music we will play spans six decades. We’ll play music from any era if it’s tuneful. It’s the style of music that matters.

Why do oldies like the wireless?

As for all ages, radio is the most immediate and intimate medium. The news is more up to date and focused on their region. The over-50s are the only market that listen to the BBC more than independent commercial radio. They use radio to keep up to date, but Saga will be the only station where they can get everything they need on one frequency.

Are there editorial links with the Saga magazine?

I would assume PROs would go to each of us independently. We’re part of the Saga group rather than a Saga property in Glasgow. But there are 80,000 subscribers to the magazine in this area, which will help us launch.

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