2 minutes with: Richard Fletcher Financial Editor The Sunday Times

How does The Sunday Times differ from your previous paper? The Sunday Times has earlier deadlines and a bigger readership -– The Sunday Times is the Sunday papers, to use a marketing line. It has a broader readership so part of the challenge is to explain business news to people who are not necessarily affected by it every day.

Will you make any changes at The Sunday Times?

No. I’m not really into making changes and it’s not in my remit. I’m looking to do a similar job as I was doing at The Sunday Telegraph.

Do you need to make some more contacts?

I’m always looking to make new contacts. In terms of international reputation, The Sunday Times is more widely recognised, so when you talk about The Sunday Times I certainly hope that opens a few more doors.

Why are Sunday papers important for business?

Sunday newspapers still fill a gap in business journalism because they have the ability to reflect on the big issues of the week just passed, while also looking forward to the issues developing over the next two or three weeks. With Sunday journalism you get more of a chance to get behind the story and explain what’s going on.

When are your articles put together?

Most of the news stories are written on a Friday, and features are written the week before. There is not a lot of forward planning. We have three pages of news and the business section tends to be between 16 and 20 pages.

What do you expect from PROs?

They should simply do their job by providing access to their clients and explain how it works to them. I’m certainly not anti-PR.

How should PROs contact you?

My favourite method of communicating is over the phone. I’m not big on emails.

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