Diary: Mantra's Gunn gets The Met on side

We extend our sympathy to Mantra director James Gunn, which is more than he got from the Metropolitan Police last week. Gunn, who recently arrived at Mantra from Lexis PR, was beavering away on Wednesday night unaware of the 8.30pm security lock at Mantra's building.

Desperate calls to Mantra co-founder Lawrence Dore's mobile were followed by a final resolve to call in The Met.

The boys in blue duly arrived and helpfully offered to break down Mantra's door, a plan that Gunn, keen not to make a bad impression in his first week, rejected.

After further prevarication Gunn decided to jump out of Mantra's first floor window, an idea the men from The Met were happy to endorse if Gunn signed a note, which they helpfully pushed through the letterbox, absolving them of all liability.

The Met's slogan, Working for a safer London, clearly doesn't apply to over-industrious if hapless PROs. Gunn escaped unscathed.

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