2 minutes with: Tim Southwell Editor, Golf Punk

What prompted you to launch Golf Punk? I went to the local driving range a few years ago and instead of the usual old people, there was a massive army of ten to 45-year-olds teeing off. The average age of golf magazine readers is 44, and they are obsessed with the mechanics of the golf swing. But 48 per cent of golfers in the UK are between 17 and 35 with wider interests.

It’s not about Johnny Rotten cutting up the course is it?

No. Punk is not a word that frightens people any more. These days it is a part of British culture in a very positive way. We wanted a name that would make the magazine stand out.

Who will read the magazine?

Golf fans have more money than average. ABC1 guys with decent jobs that are interested in buying things for themselves.

What do you most want to hear about from PROs?

We are fascinated by unlikely celebrities playing golf, and want to get a handle on why celebrities like Eminem play golf, rather than professional golfers who are staid and predictable. We are more interested in Jack Black than Tiger Woods. We’re also interested in films, music, fashion and travel.

To what regular sections can PROs contribute?

We are running a section each issue called Golf Junk and we’ll have a fashion section. Travel will also be a major thing with 20 pages every issue. For the first issue we have featured somewhere exotic, Barbados, alongside Wales.

What contribution can PROs make to the development of the magazine?

We’re very confident about what we’re doing so we don’t want to change it too much. But we are very open to ideas. We’re up for cover-mounts of DVDs or CDs and competitions or promotions that can provide a service to our readers.

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