Campaign: Second Opinion - Graham Goodkind, Frank PR

Graham Goodkind, chairman of Frank PR, has worked for Nickelodeon, Basil Brush and Mattel

I think an anniversary brief always generates a bit of a silent groan from a PR consultancy. It's often such an introspective thing to celebrate: the client may think it's a landmark and worthy of holding the front page for, but very often the media do not.

Additionally, what makes 75 years any more interesting than, say, 80 years, or even 76 for that matter? So to get as much coverage as this campaign did is a testament in itself.

What probably made the hook quite a bit more news-friendly than your run-of-the-mill corporate anniversary was obviously the fact that Mr M Mouse Esq was the centrepiece of the celebrations. The emotional value of this animated character still counts for a lot, particularly in newsrooms.

The 'fashion designer/exhibit in a shop window/do a charity auction at the end' process doesn't really excite me any more these days. But what I did think was quite impressive was the line-up of luminaries who contributed items. Fellow PROs will appreciate all the work it takes to get these people to design and create something.

Execution-wise, bringing in a specialist agency to make sure the right footage was compiled, sold to broadcasters and then aired, ensured the broadcast side of the campaign worked very well.

Overall I think the campaign was a bit safe and lacking humour. Mickey Mouse to me is all about fun, having a good time and laughing out loud.

None of the elements of the campaign really brought the good times and the fantasy magic of the Disney brand to life. People may well remember Mickey is now 75, but do they think any more highly of him or the brand he fronts? I'm not so sure.

Creativity: 2

Delivery: 4


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