2 minutes with: Nick Coleman Editor Arts, Books and Culture, IoS

Why has The Independent on Sunday introduced ABC? It gives readers more, incorporating elements of our previous supplements Talk of the Town and Life Etc. It’s a more convincing package with more reviews and features space.

What products do you want to hear about from PROs?

We’re most interested in getting contact with interesting people. But we want to avoid puff pieces. We’re looking for more complete, thoughtful interviews.

What is an ideal story?

If we can get journalists inside the studio to watch an artist at work it gives us something to describe. We want ABC as far as possible to be seen as a place where artists are taken seriously.

Do PROs have unrealistic expectations of how you will treat their products?

The Hollywood machine’s expectations border on the ludicrous. They ask for vast amounts of copy despite the pathetic and insulting time we get to do an interview. I had four minutes to do an interview once.

Do you expect to receive exclusive content from PROs?

It is very important to us. If we can get it, we love it, as long as it’s something we want to use.

How current does material have to be?

There’s no reason why we shouldn’t look back at something, but we are part of a newspaper so we have to be current. We like to be ahead of the game but there are circumstances when we can do something retrospectively.

Who reads the supplement?

I assume the reader is educated with a critical and unconventional mind, but The Independent doesn’t have any snob value.

How should PROs get in contact?

I like email. It gives me time to think. I don’t like people who ring up and expect ten minutes of my time. Email allows us to get off on the right foot.

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