What the papers say: McDonald’s PR fails to convince

The McDonald’s PR team had its lines carefully rehearsed for the announcement that its supersized portions were being scrapped.

The global fast food concern succeeded in communicating the message that it was promoting salads, yogurt and low-fat milk, and that individuals, not fast food outlets, were responsible for their calorie intake.

But the libertarian message failed to keep pace with the view that the portions were behind Britain’s bulging waistlines, and that the famous clown was bowing to political and consumer pressure before being forced by the Government to go on a diet. Analysts called the announcement ‘a PR move’ (Reuters, 4 March), while health organisations urged the industry to clean up its act.

The Government may have backed away from banning junk food ads, but growing awareness about the causes of obesity could prove more dangerous to McDonald’s. ‘It is in danger of becoming shabby and unloved,’ was The Guardian’s view (5 March). Perhaps it should try a joint venture with Weight Watchers.

Analysis conducted by Echo Research from data supplied to PRWeek by NewsNow. www.echoresearch.com

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