2 minutes with Chris Hanage founder, Stag & Groom

You’ve just launched your first issue. Where does the magazine fall in the range of weddings – Westminster Abbey or local registry? A country church with a nice reception and a smart hotel afterwards. We’re more Hugh Grant than Ray Winstone.

Will it come in discreet packaging for the embarrassed reader?

One of the questions we asked in testing was: would you be comfortable reading the magazine on the underground?’ and the main answer was ‘I’ve bought a lot worse in the past’. If you haven’t been in the position of planning a wedding you can’t appreciate the pressure. This is a fear purchase.

Who will read it?

Late 20s to late 30s urban professional men who are incredibly busy. They just want someone to tell them how to get it sorted. We’re showing them how to reclaim their Saturdays and the wedding so you’re not just doing what the bride tells you to do.

Serious or tongue in cheek?

It’s a wedding manual with humour. Our audience has been reading professional press and broadsheets, and may have read lads’ magazines three or four years ago but don’t anymore. They expect it to live up to those standards, but it has to have humour, or they’d fall asleep.

What do you want to hear about from PROs?

Anything wedding or stag-related. We’re not interested in products for blokes that want to go up to Blackpool and sink 16 pints though.

Does the mag have a fixed structure or are you open to ideas from PROs?

We are definitely open to ideas but we do have regular sections on things such as speeches, honeymoons, what to wear, wedding lists and stag destinations.

How should PROs contact you?

Email in the first instance, but we welcome talking to PROs. If you have any ideas, please give us a call.

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