2 minutes with… Morgan Rees Editor Men’s Health

You’ve just created sections called Personal Trainer and Vital Signs. What are you looking for to fill these?

Any stories that will go a way to improving the quality of men’s lives. Health is such a big area and we are trying to be less linear about how we define it.

Are you more interested in hearing about celebrities or brands?

Both, but brands are an easy fit. We’ve just done the first celebrity cover in our eight years, with Jonny Wilkinson. If a celebrity represents the Men’s Health brand values then we would be interested but we aren’t proactive in lining up celebrities.

Which people are you interested in?

We often work one person back. In other words, the person who has worked with the celebrity to make them who they are.

Who reads Men’s Health?

It is a slightly older readership than other men’s magazines with an average age of 32. They are aesthetically aware, not just about their bodies but also their clothes and accessories. Generally, they are happy with what they have but want to make sure they haven’t missed anything.

What time of the month should PR professionals contact you?

The first two weeks of a production cycle. People are likely to receive a much better reception in this time.

How should a PRO pitch a story to you?

It’s nice to have an actual telephone conversation so we can say straight away if it’s not likely to go anywhere. Emails are better than general mail, which can get lost in the piles of paper.

How much time do you need to get a story into the magazine?

We try to work a couple of issues ahead, but personality-based stories require longer lead times. There’s nothing worse than doing something at the 11th-hour and being held up by people’s different needs. The Jonny Wilkinson cover was in development for quite some time.

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