2 minutes with: Victoria White Editor Company

You’ve just been appointed editor. How do you plan to make your mark? Through evolution not change. I think a lot of magazines change simply because the editorial staff gets bored of the existing framework. It’s change for change’s sake when actually most readers like things to stay the way they are.

Who is the typical Company reader?

A woman in her freedom years – before she gets married and has kids.

How should a PRO build a relationship with you?

We have certain pages to fill and if you can angle your product to fit our pages it stands a much better chance of getting in. Hard copy is better than emails, polite courtesy is appreciated, and sending free food – especially chocolate – is always a winner.

What types of stories would you like to hear about?

Items for our health, sex, beauty and fashion pages. We’re also interested in material for our ‘real reader’ features so if your director or your client is a woman in her twenties, pitch her for a case study story.

What annoys you most about PROs?

When they try and tell me that my magazine should change to fit their product, when they call up and put me on hold, when they turn up unannounced and pretend they have a meeting. I could go on forever!

What’s the most inappropriate pitch you have heard from a PRO?

A pitch to feature vine weevils. Ugh. We don’t even have a gardening page.

Coffee, lunch or drinks after work?

Depends on the PRO! There are some lovely PROs out there but there are some I must admit I would prefer not to have drinks with – and coffee is just a waste of time.

Is persistence a good or a bad quality in a PR professional?

It can be admirable but nine times out of ten I think if it’s a no in the beginning, it will be a no the following week. Asking again six months later is worth doing though.

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