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What is the agenda for your publication? Give us an example of a typical great story. We cover a whole range of things from gadgets to computers to fashion. As you can imagine we get an avalanche of press releases. A good example is the launch of the i-Pod – we got one sent to us and were able to do an exclusive.

How would you advise PROs to best get in touch with you?

The best way is an email and then a follow-up call. We get a lot of gimmicky packages sent to us and often there’s no need. We’ve got so much clutter around the place as it is, although a crate of beer wouldn’t do any harm.

Describe a typical great call from a PR professional.

Something that is offering us an exclusive.

And a bad call?

We get a staggering number of these from people who haven’t really read the magazine. One person rang up and asked if we had a gadgets page. That kind of call really gets to me. Another thing is when people promise a product and then say it’s not available to send for another six weeks.

Can you name any one PR professional or agency that has really impressed you recently?

Sometimes you get a really good PR agency that is let down by the people they represent. We deal with Bite Communications a lot and they are extremely good , but Apple [which Bite represents] themselves, in my experience, are capable of holding things up.

Would you ever consider a career in the PR business?

Not unless it was something that I believed in and I believe that PR doesn’t necessarily work that way. I can see the appeal of being creative – but the idea of promoting something I don’t believe in doesn’t appeal to me.

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