DIARY: Medusa insists she's not so scary in real life

Communique PR managing director Nathalie Bagnall has drawn a striking portrait of herself as Medusa for the new 2004 company calendar.

The picture was created with pastels and shows several snakes coming out of her head. Her self-portrait was inspired by a picture of Medusa she had on her fridge and reflects her views on what makes her a successful MD.

Bagnall says the portrait conveys her scary side, but she stresses that good PR is about finding a balance between 'the hard and soft' approaches.

Although employees need to be coached and nurtured, she says, they need to know how to toe her line as well.

Bagnall describes herself as having ' a bit of a split personality' and feels some clients and staff can find her a little intimidating at times.

But she insists that she is not a frightening person underneath and any suggestion that she turns people to stone is tongue-in-cheek.

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