DIARY: Dying for a fag? Please take it somewhere else

Connectpoint PR managing director Nigel Sarbutts has finally lost it over people having a sneaky cigarette outside the Manchester agency's offices.

After four years of 'asking people politely' to stub their fags out somewhere else, Sarbutts has abandoned the softly-softly approach altogether in favour of installing a full-size coffin propped up against the Connectpoint building, labelled 'Smoking Booth'.

The shock tactic stood outside the firm's office for just three days and was taken down last Wednesday.

'It's probably offensive to some people,' says Sarbutts. 'But how would you like complete strangers to stand outside your house and stub fags out on your doorstep?'

PRWeek sympathises, although Sarbutts's attempts to shock might be unlikely to bother the average stressed-out media bod on 60 a day.

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