DIARY: The road to success is best travelled in a pair of stilettos and fishnets

Just what is a boy to do to get - ahem- ahead in the ever-competitive and increasingly female dominated PR industry?

Maverick PRO Adrian Gillan believes if you can't beat the leading communications ladies, then it's best to wax away and pull on a pair of fishnets and stilettos.

Adrian - pictured here as his female alter ego Adreena - recommends more males adopt his method.

'My whole persona changes in drag. I become much more assertive,' he coos. 'I think many males in the business are henpecked and groomed by strong female figures. I have been influenced by a few,' he adds.

Latest industry figures show more females than ever work in PR: 77 per cent of 2003 graduates were female, as are 60 per cent of the IPR.

'If you can't beat them, then dress like them,' is the new mantra of Gillan, who hopes his new apparel will also attract a client base of cross-dressers, drag queens and others.

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