Four more consultancies for PRWeek global survey

Information from four global PR consultancies should have been included in last issue’s international PR feature.

Hill & Knowlton’s biggest global remits, across Europe, the Americas and Asia, are Aventis, Ford/Mazda, HP, Kellogg, Motorola and Johnson & Johnson.

Brodeur Worldwide operates globally for Avnet, IBM, Philips Electronics and WRQ.

The Hoffman Agency’s largest global accounts include 3Com, Proxim, Ipass, Philips Semiconductors and Proxim, operating across North America, Europe and Asia. International revenues are up 34 per cent from a year ago. Staffing is up five per cent.

Lewis PR saw ten per cent international revenue growth compared to a year ago, while staffing levels are up 24 per cent. Lewis’s largest global

accounts are Antec, Equant, SPSS and, operating across Europe, Australasia and North America.

The regions these agencies are listed as operating in refer only to the global accounts noted here. Brodeur and H&K could not disclose international revenues or staffing levels due to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

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