DIARY: Freud has no shame as he sneaks in free publicity for his paymaster

An astonishing coincidence to report this week. Just days after we confirm in print the news that Freud Communications is to bag roughly £500,000 in fees from internet giant AOL this year, Matthew Freud himself is featured puffing his new client in the 'aficionado' section of GQ magazine.

Avid GQ readers will know the format - the subject is asked to name which product s/he uses in certain categories: cars, CDs, hotels, the web and so on.

Freud's response will make even hardened cynics wince: 'Service providers have long been over-promising and under-delivering. Until now, that is.

AOL Broadband Version 8 is a quantum leap in terms of internet multimedia access... It's the realisation - at last - of what everyone in the business of new media has been promising for years.'

'I'm sure he really thinks that and was not influenced in any way by the fact they are a client,' says a source at Freud Towers.

Er, doubtful, but either way, readers would take such guff more seriously if the commentator at least acknowledged that they were in the pay of those they are publicly supporting.

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