Agency life allows my creativity to thrive in a way in-house work did not

Young employees can use freedom of agency life to their creative advantage, says BlastMedia's Zoe Hamilton.

When I graduated, the thought of working at an agency intimidated me. 

As a 2020 graduate, entering the job market was already a daunting task and my internship experience had solely been in-house. The idea of juggling multiple clients across various industries, each with different media targets, seemed overwhelming. How could anyone manage to deliver acceptable, let alone phenomenal, results in that environment?

So, I took what I thought was the “safe” path forward and jumped into my first in-house job as a marketing coordinator. Quickly, though, I felt I was missing something. It’s not that I wasn’t being challenged in my role or that my colleagues weren’t smart, I just needed something else. 

About a year and a half later, I found myself somewhere I’d never thought I’d be: stepping through the door at BlastMedia. Immediately, I recognized that my in-house role had prepared me with several cross-functional skills that would help me succeed at an agency.  

Because I worked on a very small in-house team and held more responsibilities than the average entry-level employee, I quickly learned the ability to collaborate with others, manage my own projects and work in a fast-paced environment. 

I also immediately recognized the “something else” I had been missing: the unique freedom agency life gives you. Agency life allows my creativity to thrive in a way in-house work did not. 

Give me a range of clients

What I originally thought would be the hardest part of my job actually turned out to be one of the best parts. Because I’m not tied down to writing and marketing one subject or business, I’ve received a fresh perspective on everything I do.

Stuck on one client? I’ll work on another one for a little while. This angle won’t work for client X? It could work for client Y!

There is a surprising amount of crossover between businesses and industries that you often wouldn’t see unless you’re deep in all of them. And I’ve been able to use that to my creative advantage. 

Agency life also gives me the ability to tap into others’ expertise and collaborate on ideas with team members who have clients that work in other sectors.

Add a little bit of spice

Some clients want straightforward ideas. Others love a little bit of character. When I have clients that appreciate off-the-wall creativity in pitch ideas, it gives me the freedom to do things a little differently — for instance, take a pop-culture trend and brainstorm a creative approach to connecting it with the client’s product or industry.

Making the transition from in-house to agency life has been the defining factor in finding my creative genius. After all, two (or six) clients are better than one.

Zoe Hamilton is a PR manager at BlastMedia. 

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