OPINION: Due recognition for public sector PR

There is a lazy distinction to be drawn between PR firms serving public and private sector clients. It says you start a PR firm in the private sector, reel in tobacco and arms clients, build up income and client relationships, then sit back and wait for the multi-million pound offers to roll in. In the public sector, you charge tiny fees, and when you've had enough you hang up your pen, settle with staff and creditors and disconnect the phone.

Marina Pirotta turned that pattern on its head this week, with a deal that valued her PR firm at close to £3m. This is nowhere near the £25m that FD is worth, but neither is it loose change.

It is refreshing to see former council PR bosses join the exclusive millionaires in PR club, and Pirotta's competitors will no doubt be looking on in envy.

But of more long-term interest is that this deal pays testimony to the strength of the non-profit sector - that firms trading in it are now valued at similar multiples to income as their counterparts in the private sector.

There will be more such deals.

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