Brownstein Group rolls out Bern-E AI tool


It was built with ChatGPT and Dall-E integrations, and with a twist.

(Photo credit: Getty Images).

PHILADELPHIA: Advertising and PR agency Brownstein Group is capitalizing on the vast capabilities of emerging AI tools, but with a twist.

The firm rolled out the tool, called Bern-E, which was built with ChatGPT and Dall-E integrations. Unlike other agencies that are using AI to generate press releases or pitches or to identify relevant journalists, Bern-E was also built on insights from the company’s executive team.

Developers interviewed several of the organization’s top executives, getting their perspectives on how to succeed in PR and advertising and their advice for junior members of the team. When a team member provides a prompt to Bern-E, then, they’ll be getting access to not just the data that ChatGPT already knows, but also the insights of their superiors. The tool has the added benefit of providing the gut check of a senior leadership member without needing to ask them directly.

“The intention behind Bern-E was to centralize the most critical and useful knowledge of our leaders in one platform and allow the AI to iterate off of that,” explained Erin Allsman, president of Brownstein Group, in an email. 

With its sights set on helping train junior and mid-level staff at Brownstein, Bern-E will continue to be trained on these team member’s most pressing questions and the executive team’s answers.

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