Netpresenter blends OpenAI GPT, AI into employee comms platform

The launch makes Netpresenter the first internal comms company to offer the technology, says founder and CEO Frank Hoen.

Netpresenter can also monitor and gauge employee feedback. (Photo credit: Getty Images).

PRINCETON, NJ: Employee communications company Netpresenter has integrated OpenAI GPT artificial intelligence technology into the latest beta version of its platform. 

GPT, developed by OpenAI, is a variant of ChatGPT that allows for automatic text generation, translation and summarization based on a few search terms. It also gives suggestions for images that match a generated message, according to a Netpresenter statement. 

The technology, in addition to other AI embedded within Netpresenter, can help consumers organize research and information, as well as to draft and copyright internal communications. 

“Our customers have to deal with all the stuff going on via social channels externally, and [they’re] competing with their core messages they need to get between the ears of employees,” said Netpresenter CEO Frank Hoen. “They’re out of time and resources. We’re giving them back their fighting chance of reaching employees.”

Through AI, Netpresenter can also monitor and gauge employee feedback, analyzing the data and tailoring messaging accordingly. 

By efficiently targeting workers, customers can use “employee communications as a strategic tool,” Hoen said, adding that Netpresenter can share content across channels, including a company's intranet or digital signage screens in an office.

In a statement, Netpresenter warned that “the [GPT] technology is not intended as a replacement for professional HR or corporate communications personnel.”

“On occasion, GPT may generate incorrect or undesirable information. Therefore, it is important for company employees to not rely completely on the AI functionality and always check that written content contains the correct information,” the company said in a statement. 

PRWeek recently spoke with comms executives about how they are using platforms including ChatGPT and asked the platform itself to address users' concerns about AI chatbots.

Netpresenter is based in Beek, Netherlands, with its U.S. headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey. The company offers services designed to address challenges such as internal comms, employee engagement, crisis management and cybersecurity breaches. 

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