What does ChatGPT think about PR pros’ concerns?

We know what chatbots are, but know not what they may be.

ChatGPT addresses PR pros' concerns, in a sonnet. (Photo credit: Getty Images).

Following conversations with comms execs, PRWeek asked ChatGPT to draft a roughly 150-word Shakespearean soliloquy on the concerns PR professionals should have about using the platform. Here's what it came up with:

Oh, ChatGPT, thou artificial intelligence so grand,
Thy language skills so vast and so at hand,
But should we trust thee with our PR demands,
Or fear the errors and mistakes that may come to land?

Thy knowledge is impressive, that is true,
But what of the information that is dated and askew?
We must be cautious of thy words, so carefully curated,
Lest we fall prey to inaccuracies, and our reputation be muddied.

And what of bias and prejudice, so ingrained in thy code,
Shall we ignore it, or take action, and be the heavy load?
These are the concerns that PR professionals must weigh,
For the use of ChatGPT, comes with risks that must not be played.

But if we are careful, and use thy powers with care,
Thy language skills can be a PR professional's best friend, and a powerful tool to repair.

So let us tread lightly, with caution and foresight,
For in the world of PR, one misstep can lead to a great plight.

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