Over 1,000 apply to paid gig to design the best beer journey across the US

The job was posted by RV membership program Harvest Hosts.

Image credit: Harvest Hosts

Campaign: AleBlazer
Companies: Harvest Hosts
Agency Partner: 5WPR
Duration: October 27 – November 5, 2022

Want to get paid to drink beer and camp out in a decked-out RV? That’s the exact opportunity Harvest Hosts, an RV membership program, wants to give to one lucky beer fanatic.

Harvest Hosts offers its members overnight stays at local businesses, including wineries and breweries. In exchange, members agree to purchase something from the host. The company, based in Vail, Colorado, grew from 50,000 members in summer 2020 to 250,000 in summer 2022, according to Bill Zhang, Harvest Hosts’ VP of marketing. 

The company also recently hit a milestone of 500 brewery and distillery hosts. 

“We want people to know about our host locations,” Zhang said. “We want people to know about the breweries, and we want people to potentially come and visit all of these.

Staff from Harvest Hosts and PR partner 5WPR also determined that “members really like the content from first-person experiences,” Zhang said.

The company decided to promote its brewery hosts by hiring an “AleBlazer” to spend one night at each of the brewery and distillery locations and design the best beer journey across America a.k.a North America’s Ultimate Ale Trail. They would also review each location and document their trip on social media. 

In turn, the person would receive an RV for the trip; a $50 daily stipend; complimentary beverages; and a lifetime Harvest Hosts membership. If a person owns an RV, the company would discuss adjustments to the stipend with the applicant, according to 5WPR.

“It's multiple levels of coolness, right? Like, wouldn’t it be cool to stay at a brewery? And wouldn't it be cool to be paid to go drink beer. Combine the two and it's just so compelling,” Zhang said.

Harvest Hosts posted the listing on October 27, National American Beer Day. 

5WPR issued a press release about the gig to news organizations and industry partners, such as Woodall's Campground Magazine and Living a Stout Life who shared the listing.

The company also posted the job on LinkedIn.  

Harvest Hosts received more than 1,000 applications before it shut down the listings on November 5, according to 5WPR. The company has not yet selected its AleBlazer but expects to this spring.

The campaign also generated 27,000 page views for the job listing on the Harvest Hosts site and a 117% increase on Google in searches for: “How do you become a Harvest Host?”

The campaign also generated coverage from Denver Business Journal; Food & Wine; Thrillist and Travel + Leisure.

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