Five Campaigns We Liked in September: vote for your favourite

From the family tension in a game of Monopoly to a WWE Superstar from the Welsh Valleys, PRWeek rounds up its five favourite campaigns from September 2022. Vote below for your favourite – the poll closes at 9am on 11 October.

Monopoly, ‘Fighting is good’

This campaign from KesselsKramer is sure to hit home for all parents – or anyone who’s ever lost a board game, for that matter. Rather than the civilised gameplay often portrayed in ads, Monopoly has taken a more honest approach, acknowledging the inevitable outrage and despair felt during family game night, but reassuring us all that feeling these emotions is a valuable learning experience for kids (and competitive adults) everywhere.

Virgin Atlantic’s updated gender identity policy

Making changes to company policy is seldom a glamorous affair – unless, of course, you’re Virgin Atlantic. The airline’s latest campaign with Tin Man Communications proves that a move which may seem trivial to some, such as scrapping gendered uniforms, can bring unimaginable joy to many others, giving them the freedom to express their true selves. The positivity radiating from this campaign is infectious.

Shelter, Cost of living hacks

Few brands are brave enough to tackle a serious, topical issue with playful irony, but Shelter’s latest work, designed by its in-house creative team, did just that. Telling people to reuse teabags, put yet another jumper on, or simply work more hours as a solution to their financial troubles just doesn’t cut it, as the campaign’s cartoon illustrations show. Instead, Shelter explicitly calls on the Government to make things easier.

BT Sport and WWE’s countryside visit

You’d be forgiven for thinking that “What happens when you stick a WWE Superstar with a Welsh family from The Valleys?” is the set-up for an incredibly cheesy joke, when in fact BT Sport and Saatchi & Saatchi managed to bring this absurd scenario to life with all the hilarity of the best mockumentary-style sitcoms. What better way to find some light relief from the turbulence of recent weeks than to watch the almighty Damien Priest herding the local sheep and whipping up some Welsh cakes.

The Woolmark Company, ‘Wear wool, not fossil fuel’

Wales will need to call upon WWE’s best sheep-shearers more often, if the effectiveness of this campaign against synthetic clothing is anything to go by. The Woolmark Company and 20Something made people clambering out of an oil-filled swimming pool look surprisingly majestic, pointing out the environmental impact of our fashion choices in a remarkably captivating way.

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