Tazo shows making of ‘regenerative’ TikTok ad to explain tea line

The ad takes viewers on a journey to understanding how Tazo is taking a new approach to business, starting with the production of the very ad itself.

Tazo will debut the ad on TikTok.

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ: Tazo has launched its first regenerative tea line. You may be asking yourself, “What in the world does that mean?” So the tea brand has created a campaign to educate confused consumers all about it.

The reformulations involve four Tazo blends: Zen, Awake English Breakfast, Chai and Darjeeling, which are available nationwide. They are all composed of teas that are U.S. Department of Agriculture Organic and made with Rainforest Alliance Certified and Fair Trade U.S.A.-certified ingredients grown with verified regenerative agriculture practices. 

@tazo EVERY VIEW is a $1 donation to the #RodaleInstitute ♬ original sound - hellotazotea

The new line is part of Ekaterra-owned Tazo’s multi-year transition plan to reimagine its entire business approach to be regenerative, from the seedling to packaging.

A regenerative agriculture approach gives back to soil health, the ecosystem and the people who rely on the land, a Tazo statement explained. 

“On the people side, [regenerative] means the people working on those farms and throughout the supply chain all the way to the Tazo corporate team are adequately compensated for their time or given access to things like healthcare and education that may be harder to get in their communities and we are tracking everyone in the entire end-to-end Tazo supply chain towards a living wage,” said Eden Feducia, VP and creative director at Edelman, which supported the PR and creative elements behind this campaign. 

In coordination with sustainability consulting firm Pure Strategies, Tazo evaluated its environmental and social impact to create brand goals, such as: 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025; carbon neutral and on the path to science-based net-zero emissions by 2026; and ensuring Tazo’s tea and top ingredients meet the brand’s regenerative agriculture standards by 2029. 

Tazo has worked on this effort behind the scenes for the last 18 months, said Feducia. It has a budget of $760,000.

“We are all like that girl who is about to go to prom just excited to see how the world receives it,” she said.

One core focus of Tazo Regenerative is the Fair Trade U.S.A. certification across ingredients, which helps protect the environment and helps ensure that farmers and workers are treated equitably and receive fair wages.   

Feducia said that when planning this campaign, her team wanted consumers to understand more about this “unfamiliar environmental concept.” They decided to focus on TikTok because, increasingly, it is where consumers are going to learn about new things, she explained. 

They ultimately decided that the best way to get consumers’ attention would be to show “just how crazy the process of making a regenerative ad really is,” said Feducia. “We landed at this very meta concept of the video, which felt like the right fit tone-wise for the TikTok platform.”

The brand is so committed to its goal that it ensured that everything that went into the making of the campaign ad, from the props to the crew, to the catering to the media placement, aims to give back.   

The ad takes viewers on a journey to understanding how Tazo is taking the approach to business, starting with the production of the very ad itself. Producing a commercial has a massive impact on carbon, so the team executed this project at scale, while reducing its footprint. It did this by shooting the ad in Texas with a local crew, with many of those working on it biking and carpooling to set. 

Thought also went into the energy the ad needed to power lights and air conditioning, so the ad was shot in the director’s backyard, using natural light and backdrop. 

 Additionally, the set cast and crew was fed with vegan chili prepared by the director and eaten off of compostable materials that were actually composted on site upon wrap, eliminating single-use plastic and unused food.

Instead of sourcing single-use props that would ultimately end up in a landfill, the team set the scene with native grasses and flowers that served as a backdrop for the shoot and will continue to bring pollinators to the space longer after the set wrapped.  

Rather than putting the spot on TV, Tazo will debut its ad on TikTok and donate $1 for every TikTok view of the ad, up to $250,000, to the Rodale Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to growing the organic movement through research, farmer training and consumer education. This donation is part of Tazo’s 2022 $1.5 million commitment to mission-aligned organizations this year and every year moving forward through 1% for the Planet.      

“This participatory angle makes consumers feel like they are part of our regenerative journey with us,” said Feducia.

Laraine Miller, president of Ekaterra Americas, added in an emailed statement that “business as usual” has been killing the planet. She added that she hopes other companies will follow Tazo’s lead. 

“It’s time for every company, including the entire tea industry, to overhaul their means of production to combat climate change and help people and the planet thrive,” she said.

Ekaterra products are sold in more than 100 countries. Its brands include Tazo, Lipton, PG Tips, Brooke Bond and B-Corp certified Pukka and T2.

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