OPINION: There is such a thing as bad press

Strategic Rail Authority comms chief Ceri Evans's four-letter outburst at a journalist contact was deeply embarrassing when Private Eye first reported it a month ago, and has not become noticably less so in the four weeks it took for other media to pick it up. Whether it slipped out of Evans's 'stupid and unprofessional' category into something potentially more career threatening, will be for sin-free individuals alone to judge.

Having a rant at a reporter is plainly poor media relations, and it may be some time before he can rebuild bridges with Rail Professional magazine.

It may even be that Evans fits the description given to him by one of the politicos baying for his head - of someone in dire need of being reined in.

But to be in and out of the politics pages on a daily basis is, in PR terms, to live in a rough neighbourhood. The battle can sometimes, clearly, become too much.

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