Helium CEO: ‘We’re going to be much more rigorous’ using other companies’ logos on client pages

The head of the Web3 company addressed removing Lime and Salesforce from its users list after Lime said it had not worked with Helium in years.

Lime's logo was pulled from Helium's client page late last month.

SAN FRANCISCO: Helium CEO Amir Haleem posted a series of tweets on Monday addressing the removal of Lime and Salesforce from the Web3 company’s user list. 

Lime was listed as an active user by Helium, but the scooter-sharing company said it had not used Helium’s products since initial testing in 2019, Mashable reported on Friday. Helium has since removed the logos of both Lime and Salesforce from its list of active users of its crypto technology.

Helium is a blockchain-powered wireless service. Users that connect can use data, like with any other hotspot, but as they generate data, its owner earns HNT, Helium’s form of cryptocurrency.

Haleem tweeted that Helium “had verbal approvals with the teams we worked with to publicize and highlight these engagements.”

“In the case of the brands mentioned in recent articles, we had approvals to talk about the use cases, but we’re going to be much more rigorous now about the logo-approval process going forward to avoid any confusion,” a Helium spokesperson told PRWeek.

Lime told Mashable last week that it was preparing a cease-and-desist letter for Helium. 

It also said that Eddie Li, former central operations manager at Lime, was the only employee that had close interactions with Helium. Li has not worked at Lime since January 2020. He told Mashable that his contact with Helium ended in June 2019, and that no contracts were signed or payments were exchanged during Lime’s testing.

"Beyond an initial test of its product in 2019, Lime has not had, and does not currently have, a relationship with Helium," a Lime spokesperson told PRWeek.