DIARY: Iraq war brings flood of abusive emails to PRO with journalist namesake

Crisis PRO David Chater would like to point out that he is not the same David Chater who is covering the Iraq conflict as a journalist for Sky News.

While many would be delighted to be mistaken for Sky's swashbuckling foreign hack, Crisis's Chater is at the end of his tether about the confusion.

Since the outbreak of war, Chater has been swamped with emails from 'irate Americans' and 'nutters' barracking him for alleged pro-Iraq bias in his reporting.

Chater's most notable unwelcome correspondent is a Californian who emailed the charity worker: 'Chater, you should be ashamed of yourself allowing the Iraqis to use you for their propaganda... you are guilty of the worst kind of treason and frankly I hope a coalition bomb lands on your traitorous head.'

Chater said: 'I emailed back saying that I didn't realise that he was actually going to bomb journalists.

'He replied saying he wanted to have a personal chat with me next time he was in London ... gulp.'

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