Q&A: Josh Lohrius shares plans for his new agency Honeymoon

The ICF Next alum cofounded the earned creative agency this month.

(Left to right) Josh Lohrius and Jaclyn Johnston cofounded Honeymoon.
(Left to right) Josh Lohrius and Jaclyn Johnston cofounded Honeymoon.

NEW YORK: ICF Next’s former chief creative officer Josh Lohrius has cofounded an earned creative agency called Honeymoon. 

With the backing of Salient Global, Lohrius launched the agency with Salient head of purpose Jaclyn Johnston, a former colleague from their time together at Dig Communications before its acquisition by ICF Next.  

Lohrius said he launched Honeymoon so he could finally work with "brilliant" clients willing to try new things.

Here are his plans for the agency in 2022…

Why start Honeymoon? 
There is incremental, straightforward work that clients do every year like advertising that speaks to a lot of people and is big money. It leads to incremental growth, and that's great. That's not what I want to do. I want to do the fringe work, where you're exploring new ideas and new behaviors and new cultural truths to find bigger ideas for growth. That's hard to do when you're working for a big company where it's just about budgets. It's more about having fun and understanding that marketing is a great place to be because there's a lot of room for creativity and humanity and love and fun. 

Where does the name Honeymoon come from? 
When you win new business and a client hires an agency, you have about six months where it's awesome. Where a client is saying, "We have a new agency, let's see what you got," and you get to try new stuff. You put new things out into the world and it's daring and it's fun and there's high energy. The honeymoon phase. Then after a year, you fall into box checking and suddenly that exciting time of experimentation fades into a tepid pool of incrementalism. I wanted to create an agency that has that energy of always being in the honeymoon phase.  

Are there industries you're focused on the most? 
Definitely consumer brands. I have a lot of CPG experience, but I'm also really into forward thinking kinds of brands in cryptocurrency, cannabis, technology and invention. It's corny, but I'm looking at uncharted territory. Those are the companies more willing to try new ideas, which is the right opportunity for us. 

How does that translate into services offered? 
To start off, we're focused on public relations, social strategy, content creation and influencer marketing. But we also have arms reaching into advertising and digital, so we can activate those when needed. We're starting clients with looking at what's the idea, what are we putting into the world, what are we letting people activate around and then let's talk about how we bring that to life. That may include advertising, that may include production, that may include technology development. 

What are your growth goals? 
Right now it's just me and Jaclyn, but Salient Global is a growth company helping with the launch. We're independent in terms of how we operate, but we can access the resources and talent that Salient Global has. We also have a network that we're going to be activating as we continue to sign more clients. We want to stay a smaller group of brains, but we're looking to bring in more people with great ideas, which is more important than any resumes. 

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