'Always good to see a big, silly picture story cleaning up' – Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

James Keiller, senior creative at Hope&Glory PR, casts his eye over this week's creative offerings.

'Always good to see a big, silly picture story cleaning up' – Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

Morning, all. With this going out with festive campaigns in full swing, and just over a fortnight until another wonderfully unique Christmas, it feels like there is only one place I could start this week and that is with Christmas jumpers.


The Natural History Museum, festive T-Rex

Always good to see a big, silly picture story cleaning up – so well done to the Natural History Museum for dressing up its famous T-Rex in an enormous Christmas jumper. Not just a ridiculous picture, there is also sustainability messaging (the jumper is made from recycled yarn and plastic bottles) and smaller versions on sale in the shop all going to fund the museum after a tough year. The maker quote also mentions other big projects in the pipeline – I’m not sure where they can go from here, but I will be keeping an eye out.

Marks & Spencer 'Believe' jumper

I’m sneaking this one in as I doubt M&S decided to sell a £20 jumper with ‘believe’ on it because it knew it would corner the priest market, but well done whoever noticed that it was being used as an ‘unofficial uniform’ by the clergy of the UK using #TeamBelieve. Although thinking about it, maybe I'm being a rube and this is just some very unconventional influencer work. Either way, it landed some lovely standalone pieces for M&S at a very crowded time for jumpers.

Liquid Death, bong water

Very simple and very on-brand for Liquid Death – I don’t really like its schtick, but this is a great way to emphasise its fancy canned credentials and authentically bring itself into the growing cannabis market in the US. Likely not to be replicated by the marketing team at Buxton water any time soon, due to wider news this week.


The King's Man launch

A trio of campaign classics were wheeled out for the launch of Matthew Vaughn’s latest: a pub (with talent!), fancy dress throughout London (we’ve all done it) as well as lighting up the London Eye with the fictional agency's logo.

All fine, and I appreciate that this is probably what got signed off, but surely more fun could have been had with all that budget and the theme of spies in the 1900s? Anyway, a round of applause for whoever got what looks like the whole deck signed off.

Halo Infinite, Master Piece

I am very aware that I have just put a big jumper in the Hit section, so why has this painting got a Miss? The painting is even bigger than the jumper, it looks great, the launch video is funny and there’s even a smaller version in the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. Maybe it’s just the feeling that at the initial brainstorm everyone sat down and went: “Right – our main character is called Master Chief, why don’t we make a masterpiece!”

Anyway, I'm sure fans will love it – and who really cares what I think…

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