#BestOfTweets: Twitter unveils the most popular brand tweet of 2021

Twitter also highlighted seven other brands that outperformed on the site this year.

#BestOfTweets: Twitter unveils the most popular brand tweet of 2021

What brands really stood out on Twitter this year?

The social media platform can finally reveal its #BestOfTweets 2021, with eight categories highlighting groundbreaking launches to campaigns that drove cultural conversation on the site.

“We looked at what changed in 2021 as the economy opened and brands took advantage of the shift back to the new normal and how they could elevate their profile on Twitter,” said Liz Lenahan, head of scaled marketing at Twitter. “We wanted to have a blend of categories based on proprietary Twitter data.”

Creative experts at Twitter marketing worked on selecting the winners to highlight “best in class examples of how brands can launch new products, campaigns, [communicate] messages and [get involve in] critical cultural conversations happening on Twitter every day,” said Lenahan. 

She noted that marketers showed a new kind of creativity on Twitter this year as the world “entered unknown territory” as pandemic restrictions lifted.

“Those constraints or that grey area bred a whole new batch of creativity that we have never seen before and a real empathy for the customer and understanding what the conversation on Twitter can tell us about people’s motivations, desires and what they want from brands,” said Lenahan. 

Campaigns that tap into core customer needs and try to build a personal connection are the ones that really resonate on Twitter, she added

Here is the full list of #BestOfTweets 2021 winners:

Most tweeted about brand: Disney+ (@DisneyPlus) 

By deepening their connection with fans through several new titles and classic films from the Vault, it’s never been easier to escape into the extraordinary world of Disney, Twitter said in a statement.

Best campaign with an electrifying launch: Ford (@Ford, #F150Lightning)

After revealing its new #F150Lightning EV on a Twitter Live Event Page, its “tougher than before, smarter than ever” truck became one of the most talked about EVs on the market—and on Twitter. Ford’s campaign drove a 33% increase in its EV truck share of voice compared to last year, Twitter said in a statement.

Best campaign that connected to a major moment: Mountain Dew (@MountainDew #MTNDEWMAJORMELON)

To launch Major Melon, the first new permanent flavor in more than a decade, Mountain Dew created a campaign designed to maximize conversation on a day when every brand sought to break through. Airing the first gamified TV ad during Super Bowl LV, Mountain Dew offered one lucky winner $1 million by directing fans to Twitter to guess how many bottles appeared in the ad.

Most popular brand Tweet: Nick Jr. (@nickjr) 

Nick Jr. posted a video in September of original Blue’s Clues host Steve Burns explaining that he left the show in 2002 to go to college. Twitter users subsequently lost their minds, and users posted memes reacting to the emotional video.

Best brand presence: McDonald’s (@McDonalds)

“McDonald’s pushed the boundaries and evolved its persona to speak to the most diverse and largest generation in American history yet,” a Twitter statement said. From celebrity meal campaigns with Saweetie and BTS to launching its loyalty program, McDonald's continues to be at the forefront of conversation.

Most tweeted brand hashtag: Nintento (@NintendoAmerica, #NintendoSwitch)

Over 91 million5 gaming fans on Twitter made #NintendoSwitch the most tweeted brand hashtag of the year. By connecting with each other to weigh in on highly anticipated game releases and in-game updates, this vast and vocal community propelled this Nintendo console to the forefront of gaming conversation with no signs of slowing down. 

Best campaign to creatively push the envelope: Oreo (@Oreo #OREOscope)

For Oreo’s #OREOscope campaign, when a fan liked an Oreo tweet, the brand analyzed the fan’s most recent Tweets to share a personalized Oreo horoscope with insights about their personality.

Best campaign that said “Thank You” for all of us: CeraVe (@cerave #ThankYouNurses)

CeraVe’s #ThankYouNurses campaignshined a light on the heroes risking their lives on the frontlines during the pandemic—and who continue to do so everyday. CeraVe expressed its gratitude for nurses with a Twitter Takeover Trend, which ignited an overwhelming response from others who joined in and shared their own heartfelt messages.

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