'Creatively brave but possibly misjudged' – Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

Stuart Yeardsley, executive creative director at 3 Monkeys Zeno, casts his critical eye over this week's creative offerings.

'Creatively brave but possibly misjudged' – Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

‘Tis the season of goodwill (and even better, wine)… So, whether you celebrate the festive season or not, here’s some creative to spread a little festive joy to feast on.


FareShare, 'Christmas dinner for a tenner'

No tinned dinner in sight. Instead, a wonderful combination and creative to answer a real need.

This was genuine talent using their power and skills for good. Manchester United's Marcus Rashford tasked celebrity chef Tom Kerridge to create £10 Christmas menu to help people in need "wake up on Christmas morning happy" for food distribution charity FareShare. Beautifully simple and obvious – you can’t believe it hasn’t been done before.

And Just Like That Peloton ad

Christmas goodwill was in short supply when HBO decided to give Peloton’s flagship bike a starring role in the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That…. The bike that killed Mr Big.

Facing reputational and financial fallout, Peloton got on its bike and raced out a tongue-in-cheek rebuttal with actor Chris North (aka Mr Big) and Ryan Reynolds. Delightfully executed in look and feel and tone.

Yes, Peloton had money. But the speed and creativity of its response was spot-on for the brand, Sex and the City fans and Wall Street. Who said crisis communications couldn’t be creatively brave?

Iceland's cheeky 'Break glass in emergency'

Speaking of speed, Iceland’s Christmas response was a cheerful festive creative cracker. Cheeky and challenging.

A ‘Break glass in emergency’ rescue pack, containing a prop turkey, was delivered to competitor stores after news that Sainsbury's might have run out of Christmas delivery slots.

Green Flag, roadside assistance steers old toy cars to new homes

Hats off to the creatives behind Green Flag’s ‘roadside assistance for toy cars’, teaming up with toy brand Little Tikes so that kids can have toy cars they’ve outgrown towed away, refurbished and donated to disadvantaged children. A simple, unexpected combination with purpose.

Miller Lite, Beernaments

Add “drinkable Christmas ornaments” to the list of phrases you didn’t think you’d ever utter in 2021. And yet, thanks to Miller Lite, we now have “Beeraments”: tree ornaments that can hold an eight-ounce can of beer. Creatively, this takes branded Christmas decorations to a new level. Go bold or go home.


Tony's Chocolonely Advent calendar

As someone on Twitter recently – and brilliantly – described, Advent calendars are like ‘microdosing Christmas’. What brand wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

But do you mess with the Advent calendar? Ethical chocolate makers Tony's Chocolonely had to apologise after leaving one of its Advent calendar windows empty to highlight inequality in the industry and be "a great conversation starter for change".

Creatively brave, but possibly misjudged, given the cultural context and the shitty year we’ve all had.

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