'A masterclass in talent and product PR' - Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

PrettyGreen creative director Emma Carson casts her eye over campaigns from the past week.

Under the microscope: Campaigns for Pleasing (left) and Branston
Under the microscope: Campaigns for Pleasing (left) and Branston


Iceland Tourism, 'Icelandverse'

Iceland (the very cold country north of the UK, not Iceland the very cold supermarket loved by the north of the UK) has pulled a blinder this past week. Jumping on the launch of Mark Zuckerberg’s cringe-inducing Metaverse advert, it delivered a parody ad aimed at selling everyone the revolutionary concept of enhanced connection, through (gasp!) actual human interaction, in (here’s the zinger) the real world. Humorously packaged as “Enhanced Actual Reality”, it was a parody so deft it reminded us not only of Iceland’s otherworldly beauty, but also how much its creative output far outweighs the size of its population. I can almost hear the soft thunder of a nation’s mitten-covered back slaps from here.

Pleasing launch

Harry Styles continues his reign as World’s Second Sexiest Nice Man (after Paul Rudd, naturally) with the launch of Pleasing, a non-binary beauty brand. Aimed at “exciting the senses and blurring the boundaries”, cynics in the room will see this as just another celebrity badging exercise to a) make money and b) woke wash. But, in Styles’ hands, it’s a breath of fresh air, authentic to his (dare I say) “personal brand” and throws up an intelligent conversation around gender and beauty on an international stage. A masterclass in talent and product PR!

Branston, 'International Pickle Post'

Dare I say this activation tickles my pickle? Sorry.

Pickle connotations aside, this very sweet campaign from Branston allows far-flung loved ones to experience the joys of Branston on a cheesy cracker this Christmas. Its 'International Pickle Post' experience cleverly bypasses the Christmas Post Office queues and gets Branston into the hands of pickle enthusiasts across Europe, free of charge. An idea based on the simple but smart insight that expats are pining for a taste of home this Xmas. I’m tempted to invest in that timeshare to get it!


Covent Garden Snow

In principle, a lovely activation to warm the hearts of even the biggest Scrooge: Covent Garden is set to be covered in fresh dustings of snow every day until Christmas. However, tourists and snow connoisseurs from across the UK were up in arms yesterday as the reality fell short of their White Christmas expectations. Claims from some of the public that it was a “scam” seemed a little unfair, but there’s a lesson for us all in playing God with the public’s idea of Christmas.

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