PRWeek UK Awards Winners 2021: Marketing Communications: FMCG, Health, Beauty, Retail and Fashion

This award goes to Frank for Weetabix, for communicating a simple concept, 'cleverly planned and fantastically executed' on a relatively small budget.

'Weetabix ‘n’ Beanz', Frank for Weetabix
'Weetabix ‘n’ Beanz', Frank for Weetabix

Winner – 'Weetabix ‘n’ Beanz', Frank for Weetabix

Frank was asked by Weetabix to be bold when it was briefed to support the long-running 'Any-Which-Way-a-Bix' above-the-line campaign and drive new brand engagement.

Social listening showed that people were already enjoying sharing "Weetabix ‘n’ tingz" recipes using the breakfast cereal in alternative and often strange ways. This inspired Frank to create a range of pairings of Weetabix with breakfast table favourites.

First up was Marmite on Weetabix, a combination apparently enjoyed by some in real life. Valentine’s Day offered the perfect opportunity to profile a match made in heaven – Weetabix and Heinz Baked Beanz, which was followed by an Innocent Smoothie-drenched Weetabix. The three brands had been carefully chosen for their proactive, light-hearted approach to social, and each was engaged prior to activation, allowing them to prepare their banter and react in a timely manner.

As content, when the bean concoction in particular was shared on Twitter, engagement from users and other brands came in thick and fast. Sending users timely, personalised and humorous reactions from a pre-drafted bank of responses helped keep the conversation going. And when other brands entered the conversation – as a total of 600 such accounts did – Weetabix gave as good as it got. Tinder’s Twitter account accused the pairing of not being a match, to which Weetabix said: “We’d swipe right.”

With the original Weetabix ‘n’ Beanz post eventually garnering six million engagements, earned media interest was soon generated – Good Morning Britain’s anchors did a taste test, and breakfast DJs debated the combination with listeners. It was even mentioned in the House of Commons, no doubt leaving Frank and its client feeling full of beans.

The judges said

A simple concept, cleverly planned and fantastically executed on a relatively small budget – a standout campaign which even my mum and dad had heard of. Best of all, it’s had an impact on long-term sales.

Highly commended – 'Aldi Hunger Monster', BCW Global (London) for Aldi

Aldi exposed the stark realities of children living with hunger. 'The Hunger Monster', an animation personifying hunger, was created by children's illustrator Lisa Stickley and narrated by Marcus Rashford, racking up millions of views and extensive coverage, and driving £34,000 in donations to enable Aldi to give free meals to those in need.


'Marmite x Lynx: the World's First Social Distancing Deodorant' by W Communications for Lynx

'Period' by Cow for Intimina

'Rent-A-Pred' by Hill+Knowlton Strategies for Adidas

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