Public affairs people from leading agencies form comms plan to help Labour win power

Labour in Communications has created a plan aimed at helping the party win the next general election, which calls for Labour to simplify its messaging and win back public trust in its management of the economy.

Labour leader Keir Starmer and his team should simplify their message, the LIC report advises (Pic: Getty Images)
Labour leader Keir Starmer and his team should simplify their message, the LIC report advises (Pic: Getty Images)

The 'Fit for the Future' report is described as “a plan to communicate a confident, ambitious and compassionate Labour Party”.

It has been written by comms practitioners from some of the country’s leading agencies, including BCW Global, Brunswick, Cicero/AMO, FleishmanHillard, Hawthorn Advisors, Interel, Lansons, Portland Communications, SEC Newgate UK, Social and WA Communications - all of whom were acting in their own capacity for LiC rather than on behalf of their agency. 

Nabhan Malik, co-founder of Labour in Communications, said the report “focuses on practical steps we can take to build the best platform for Labour to communicate more effectively".

In a foreword to the report, former Labour leader Lord Kinnock said the party is at a "turning point”. He is backing calls for a new approach to comms in an attempt to “restore relevance to our message”.

Keep messaging simple

The report outlines a comms strategy “fit to win the next general election” and calls for “simple, short messages that are hammered repeatedly to voters, getting across what Labour stands for”.

The report's authors urge the party leadership to “tell the emotive story: focusing on the places we represent and the aspirations of the people who live there”.

There should also be a “coherent communications framework for why Labour governments make different and better choices to Conservative ones”.

The party should present a policy “blueprint” in place of a fully costed manifesto and the “tried and tested" ‘pledge card’ should make a return, because it is "an easy way to set out four or five policies that would address the underlying issues that a Labour Government led by Keir [Starmer] would want to address”, the report said.

Win back trust and enhance digital comms

The public “has lost trust in the Labour Party’s management of the economy” according to the report, which says the party “must learn to embrace business, big and small, if it is to alter its brand amongst the public” as well as restating its commitment to a market-based economy.

And the party should create a small team within the Shadow Cabinet “with the central responsibility of framing, developing and communicating Labour’s message to the public”.

Digital should be placed “at the core of electoral communications strategy”, the report says. However, it warns against “preaching to the converted and the metrics of likes and shares, instead using comments to measure the impact of communications”. 

It also advocates approaching Instagram influencers, including Love Island contestants, as an “avenue to people we may not normally reach”. 

The report authors said: “We need to make modern culture work for us to win hearts and minds.”

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