Tech Talk with MVP Interactive CEO James Giglio

“Leveraging of the QR code these days is going to allow for all press releases to become interactive.”

James Giglio is CEO of MVP Interactive.
James Giglio is CEO of MVP Interactive.

What is MVP Interactive?
MVP Interactive is an extended reality technology company that creates immersive experiences to amplify brands by blending real world and digital environments. We specialize in building augmented, virtual and mixed reality consumer engagement experiences across sports, retail, entertainment, media, gaming, healthcare and other industries.

How would a PR agency work with your company?
We've seen a trend where some PR agencies, especially larger ones, are taking on brand management clients. PR companies are taking much more holistic approaches to their services and wanting to create value for their clients. We’re working with PR firms that understand brand messages and are using technology to promote brands.

For example, we had worked with a very large consumer electronic brand and created an app. Through their PR agency, the brand was able to promote a lifestyle event. We had helped the PR company mail out to their client’s exclusive guests, which functioned as this digital key. We used this device in this application to be your key to access this event.

But how would a PR firm that focuses on traditional earned media use your tools to pitch stories?
There are so many ways that this technology can kind of bring their stories to life. Through augmented reality, any print material for a particular brand can be activated through technology without downloading an app. For example, leveraging a QR code would allow press releases to become interactive.

PR can be about capturing media attention. Imagine getting a traditional press release in your email. It could be supplemented with a QR code that then launches a really cool augmented reality, instead of attached PDFs or JPGs.

We’ve created holographic presentations. That’s filming an individual volumetrically, who would be featured as an asset complete in 360 degrees. One of the strategic concepts that we've put together in the past was a massive text messaging campaign.

Imagine the press release. You blast the text message out to all of the reporters or the publications where the person receiving that text message simply clicks the link. That link opens up to a portal of a holographic experience where you have someone speaking to you in your camera view, talking about a particular story, a particular event or some type of promotional piece. I could see that as a very powerful way to get people really talking about your brand or whom you represent.

Tell us more about your company and the clients you represent.
I started the company in 2012. We’re about 15 people plus freelancers and we’re located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We provide a wide range of offerings that help companies, institutions and brands bring their message to life through immersive technologies. Our clients include Edelman, JBL, Chase, Coca-Cola, Cornell University, AT&T, AARP and teams across all professional sports leagues.

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