Send a cheeky ‘Cannes-dolence’ card and help support mental health

Awards season can be a stressful time for creatives, so Mark Kelly decided to inject a bit of fun into it.

Chocolate: the real Grand Prix? (Photo: Newscast/Getty Images)
Chocolate: the real Grand Prix? (Photo: Newscast/Getty Images)

The cachet of a Cannes Lions win can be intoxicating but spare a thought for those who haven’t secured an award.

Or go one better, and send them a playful “Cannes-dolence” card, wryly expressing your sympathies that “you won’t get to humblebrag on LinkedIn” and, to sweeten the pill, a Lion you can actually use (because it's a chocolate bar).

A card and package will cost you just £6 (or more than $8), with all proceeds going to mental health charity Mind. It has been retweeted by the official Cannes Lions Twitter account. 

The project is the brainchild of Mark Kelly, an advertising and marketing creative of 10 years, who freely admits he has never either been shortlisted for or won a Cannes Lion.

Kelly told Campaign: “Cannes definitely matters. It’s where you find the best work in the industry every year and winning one is still something every creative absolutely wants to do. Industry recognition of great work is always going to be important, to show what’s possible and to inspire the next generation of talent.

“I set this up because of how much winning one matters, and how not winning one can leave teams feeling shit and deflated. So I wanted to use a bit of playful humour to hopefully lighten the mood.

Kelly added: “Awards season can be a stressful time for creatives. And if you haven’t won or been shortlisted, it can be hard seeing everyone sharing their successes on your timeline.

Add to this the already isolating effects of the last 18 months and it can create an unhealthy cycle of comparison, which in turn negatively affects our mental health. Donating the proceeds to Mind was a way to hopefully turn some of those unintended negative effects of award season into something positive.”

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