'Interrogate your pals - after all, they are the consumer!' - Creative Q&A

PRWeek grills creative comms figures on how they got where they are, their career highlight, solving creative writer's block, and more. Today we speak to Olivia Mushigo, lead creative at Talker Tailor Trouble Maker.

How did you get where you are now?

So very random how I got into PR! I was 11 and watched a movie starring Reese Witherspoon. Her character was a twenty-something celebrity PR. I saw the lifestyle and what fun she was having and decided from then on PR was the dream career for me. As soon as I started my first year at university (studying politics), I applied for a PR internship and loved every minute of it. I’d walk for miles down the streets of Leicester just to get the experience we all know is needed in this life! There was only one person dedicated to PR in the entire agency so I was able to shadow and really learn from her. I was fortunate that I was the only intern and so all her wisdom and guidance was bestowed to only me, myself and I. I graduated and started in B2B tech, but realised it wasn’t quite right for a gal like me, so started a role in consumer PR where I thrived. I’m now a creative at Talker Tailor Trouble Maker.

What's been your creative career highlight?

I would have to say a career highlight is making the 30 Under 30 list as it’s always something I’ve aspired to. It’s great to be named in the same article as other young and budding creatives! Another highlight would be my biggest idea to date becoming a reality. With every purchase of Campo Viejo wine, consumers would receive a cardboard cutout of a loved one at a time when we couldn’t enjoy a drink or two with friends or family. A cut of yours truly (me) was featured in the press assets, so mum was proud when she saw me in Metro and Good Housekeeping ��

...and lowlight?

I’m waiting for the day a sports brand decides to pay for failed footballers' knee injuries who could have achieved football stardom had it not been for their knee injury. Hit up Talker Tailor if you want further insight into my creative vision on this... I’m determined to see this happen!

What's your favourite campaign of the past three months (not one that you or your organisation were involved in) and why?

Miracle-Gro creating cute outfits for houseplants. I thought this was hilarious and so clever because it taps into a growing trend of millennials and Gen Zs buying plants. I’m mad I didn’t think of it... sigh.

How do you solve creative writer's block?

I find looking at what client competitors are doing great for inspiration, as well as looking at creative websites like Campaign and DesignTaxi. Checking out what’s trending on social media and watching/reading the news to find out what everyone is talking about. I love finding trend reports online - they’re amazing for finding interesting insights you can base creative ideas on. Another good trick is to ask your friendship group chat, what’s annoying them? What could they do with? Interrogate your pals - afterall, they are the consumer!

How should PR grow its creative prowess?

By continuing to be bold and not always fear repercussions from media/consumers. There will always be people who love or hate your idea, but as long as you and your client love it and believe in it, the haters can move to the left. As Simon Cowell said, any publicity is good publicity, so bring on the controversy... (just a lil' not too much, hehe).

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