How Signal AI measured Biden’s first 100 days

Signal AI found the president is more closely associated with topics including gun control and immigration since he took office.

(Photo credit: Getty Images).
(Photo credit: Getty Images).

Signal AI has analyzed more than 20 million articles to identify the leading media topics in the first 100 days of Joe Biden's presidency and compare his first three months in office to the last three of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

The report found that the major themes of the first months of Biden's presidency, measured by proximity to a topic, have been diplomacy (58.3% proximity), conflict (57.4%), regulatory changes (46.5%) and the economy (43.9%). With more conversations about the corporate tax rate in particular, Biden's association with taxes has risen from 13.5% to 50.1%.

The president's association with other issues has also grown dramatically over the last 100 days, including a closer proximity to sanctions, which went from the fifth-most-proximate topic in January to the second in April. It now has a 53.2% proximity rate, driven in large part by sanctions against the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin.

Discussion about Biden's immigration policy and the border have led to a growing association with immigration, from 26.5% to 48.9%. Biden's association with gun control increased from 16.9% to 44.9% as a response to anti-Asian hate crimes and murders across the country. Finally, with Biden's decision to reenter the Paris Climate Agreement, his proximity to the environment has risen from 28.9% to 43.4%.

Trump, meanwhile, left office strongly associated with elections (60.5%), campaign finance (60%), corporate crime (50%) and conflict (49.15).

Signal AI used its Knowledge Graph to determine the proximity of an individual, in this case either Trump or Biden, to a topic. Proximity is defined by a person frequently being discussed in relation to a given topic.

In an analysis of more than 20 million articles between October 2020 and April 2021, the organization identified 12.9 million articles mentioning Trump in the last months of his presidency and 11.9 million articles mentioning Biden between the start of the year and this month.

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