DynAdmic’s contextual targeting helps brands when the cookies crumble

Using AI, the international video advertising company sees privacy concerns align with efficient marketing.

(Photo credit: Getty Images).
(Photo credit: Getty Images).

With Google banning third-party advertisers from using cookies and Apple’s latest iOS requiring users to opt in to being tracked, brands are shifting gears. Behavioral targeting, a tactic that monitors a user’s activity, is on the verge of ending, said Lionel Bensoussan, MD for North America at DynAdmic.

He distinguished contextual targeting, as what could replace the familiar experience of looking at a product online, then repeatedly seeing that product pop up in online ads. DynAdmic is a digital, video advertising company, powered by AI to strategically place brands and messages in front of selected audiences.

“Other companies create a profile based on your past behavior, activities and searches online. They create a profile and give an identification number that’s linked to all your behavior,” Bensoussan explained. “At DynAdmic, we don’t rely on an identity created by your footprint. We rely on the content, as it’s being watched. We care about what that person is interested in at that exact moment.”                  

Lara Krumholz, DynAdmic’s global VP of partnerships, described how contextual advertising works. She’ll use her computer during the day for work, but while watching cartoons with her daughter, they would see ads for children. Later, if her husband used the computer to look up financial information related to his job, financial ads would appear. If an online user is looking at cars, real-time technology would show automobile ads.

The ad placement occurs in real time. As soon as the user clicks on video content, in less than 500 milliseconds, DynAdmic determines if the brand’s video ad placement is relevant, said Bensoussan.

However, the website pages are pre-scanned, with AI processing information from text, audio, video and graphics.

“We analyze 250 million videos per day. We scan all video content on the internet. Our unique audio recognition technology goes inside every single video we can find online, transcribes it, and from our analysis, we have a very deep understanding of what all this new content online is talking about,” said Bensoussan.

Whenever advertising space is available, DynAdmic matches the content from the video ad to the video that has already been analyzed, and in real time places the ad. Evaluating the sounds and spoken words, the company can target multicultural audiences in different languages as well as highly specific, audience interests.

Clients include American Express, AT&T, Bank of America, Citibank, Coca-Cola, H&M, Publicis Media, Havas, Interpublic Group and Ogilvy.

“We are kind of a personalized shopper that will together define your style, budget and prices, then using technology pick exactly the right pieces,” said Krumholz. “It’s a gain of time, efficiency and cost.”

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