DIARY: Cow PR invests in its staff by paying them to become more interesting

Staff at Cow PR are queuing up to snaffle some of the consumer shop's staff incentive budget, intriguingly titled the 'make yourself more interesting fund'.

Around half of Cow's 15 staff have so far taken advantage of the scheme, in which they can trouser up to £400 to do something they wouldn't usually do, according to co-founder Dirk Singer.

Perhaps the most, er, interesting extra-curricular activity that a staffer has signed up for is Bikram Yoga, which consultant Jessica Livingstone has been practising up to three times a week.

Popular in the US, Bikram Yoga involves 90-minute classes in which 26 postures are adopted in a room in which the temperature is cranked up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

'They have these enormous heaters,' a red-faced and sweaty Livingstone tells Diary. 'It teaches you mental focus - work-wise, this enables me to think more creatively.'

She adds that talks are underway as to whether Cow will pay for her to go to Tibet next year. It's a tough life, PR.

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