'Brekkie brilliance' - Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

Chris Bamford, creative director at Kindred, reveals which creative campaigns did and did not float his boat this week.

'Brekkie brilliance' - Creative Hits & Misses of the Week


Reddit Superbowl spot

It felt like the type of stunt The Joker would pull - crashing the nation’s TV dinners to deliver a ludicrously lo-fi message about purple and plaid taking over the world. But actually it was Reddit’s first TVC, in the most expensive and (creatively) expressive spot on the planet – Superbowl.

Brands have got pretty meta with the format before - Skittles gave just one person an ad and Tide parodied every product category trope. But this didn’t feel circle-jerk clever, it felt kinda' teenage experiment clever.

It was like high-school prom night and everyone else had spent a fortune on limos and gowns, and Reddit rocked up on a Mongoose BMX wearing a Dead Kennedys t-shirt.

Reddit’s message was a simple reminder of the power of community to challenge a malfunctioning pillar of American system - in Reddit’s case, bankrupting swathes of Wall Street with its orchestrated run-on Game Stop. (Note to former POTUS: you don’t need red-necks with rifles).

Given how ‘everyone’ the Superbowl audience is and how ‘comparatively no-one, but comfortable with that’ Reddit is – this shouldn’t have worked. But according to the 2021 Kellogg School Superbowl Advertising Review (presumably authored by a Mr Tony T Tiger), Reddit absolutely smashed it, achieving a top nine ranking.

I'm hoping the Etsy community pick up the baton in 2022 and knit the sh*t out of Tom Brady.

Weetabix + baked beans

By rights I should hate Weetabix’s little internet-breaking recipe suggestion. Why? Firstly, because it shouldn’t be spending money on any marketing until it sorts its packaging. Ever since I can remember you open a packet of Weetabix and it drops wholemeal shrapnel all over your kitchen. Weetafix it, please.

Secondly, because its TVCs are such a shameless rip offs (of the seminal 'I bet he drinks Carling Black Label' ads) that they should come with a lazyboy and a lawyer.

But having said all that – this brand execution was brekkie brilliance.

Visceral to the point where it made pregnant mates of mine both wretch and crave. Likewise, every brand’s social manager was salivating at the prospect of firing-up photoshop and filling their bowls.


NHS England, COVID-19 vaccination video

Just to balance out the two hits, here’s one that potentially could have been nudged even further. Because while the Eltaine (AKA Elton John x Michael Caine) campaign is (literally) vital to our collective futures and has generated bang-on audience-relevant media coverage, and has solid conceptual roots – ultimately the script was maybe a bit weak? Maybe? Ok I’m the pr*ck, sorry.

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