'I was struck by the simplicity and common-sense approach' – What Inspires Me, with Britvic's Sarah Webster

Britvic's sustainable business director reveals what gets her creative juices flowing.

'Doughnut Economics' by Kate Raworth

I am a firm believer that business can both do well and do good; it’s about how we measure our success. Enter Kate Raworth, the economist behind Doughnut Economics. Combining the planetary boundaries with a social foundation, she provides us with a compelling model to force us to think differently about the way we do things, the resources we consume and the distribution of those resources. I have seen her speak on a number of occasions and each time I have a renewed sense of my doughnut!

'Who Cares Wins' by David Jones

When I read this book a few years ago I was struck by the simplicity and common-sense approach for business to do the right thing, in an ever-more interconnected world. Don’t leave your values at the door – live and breathe them, be transparent, be honest about your challenges and collaborate to solve them. This is how we will tackle the climate crisis and social inequality we face today. And those businesses that embrace doing the right thing are those that will be most successful in the future.

My children

Speaking of collaboration, my children spent a weekend setting up a website to raise awareness of plastic pollution; a far cry from my daughter's dream of acting. My son spent two subsequent, very cold weekends selling his old books and toys to raise money to buy a Wasteshark, a remote-controlled catamaran that clears waste plastic and from our waterways. We may be in our third lockdown, but my daughter continues to follow her passion with A-level drama, and my son is still planning his next fundraising ideas and taking notes as he watches Sir David Attenborough’s Perfect Planet.

Walking my dog

A benefit of working from home is that I get out to walk the dog every morning, whatever the weather. People may think I’m a bit crazy as I talk to myself walking across the local fields, embracing the rain, wind or sun on my face. However, it gets me away from my lockdown desk, clears my mind and allows me to join the dots and generate ideas that would otherwise have been lost in the back of my mind.

'How Bad are Bananas?' by Mike Berners-Lee

I read the latest edition of this book over the Christmas holiday. I love this very straightforward and practical guide to reducing our carbon footprint. It's accessible, challenges some of our assumptions and shows how we can all play our part. As my dad says, if you count the pennies, the pounds look after themselves, and I use the same analogy when I speak with people who think that their actions to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions are futile in the face of major polluting industries and nations.

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