New PRCA group chair wants greater diversity to help fuel 'new era' of creativity

The PRCA’s new creative group chair, Ottilie Ratcliffe, has vowed to support pathways for talent from a wider range of backgrounds to enter the creative industry.

New PRCA Creative Group chair Ottilie Ratcliffe
New PRCA Creative Group chair Ottilie Ratcliffe

Ottilie Ratcliffe, a highly-awarded associate creative director at The Romans, was named chair of the PRCA’s Creative Group this week.

She wants to see a “change in direction” as PR agencies seeking to build creative departments struggle to nurture and inspire young creative talent. 

Ratcliffe said she would prioritise supporting creative pathways for talent at all levels and from all backgrounds.

“This group is looking to the future. For too long, panels and groups focused on creativity in PR have been populated by people who tend to look very much alike," she said. “It’s time to change that, in line with the whole industry becoming more confident in its own ability to make incredible creative campaigns that speak to a broad cross-section of the nation. 

“Is it any wonder that so many PR campaigns look the same when the same old group of people are charged with coming up with them?"

Ratcliffe said that this year the Creative Group will be a place for inspiration, knowledge sharing and “people of all levels to take part in debating what our creative future actually looks like”.

“We’re on the precipice of a new era, and it’s time to get young, hungry, talented professionals together to decide how they want to shape it,” she added.

The first PRCA Creative session, 'The Rise of the Junior Creative', will focus on the early career paths available, what creative directors are looking for, and how we establish creative roles in PR agencies. It will take place on 15 March.

PRCA director-general Francis Ingham said: “It’s an exciting time for the Creative Group. Whether we’re obliged to get people together over Zoom or over a real-life rosé, there’s demand for a more open, progressive forum for creatives at all levels to nail the work we want to make as an industry. 

“We’re looking forward to seeing what Ottilie and her committee do this year in terms of shifting the status quo and prompting lively discussion as to the new era of creativity in PR.”

The Romans has a strong track record on developing junior creative talent in recent years, winning the UK Cannes Young Lions competition three times in four years. Ratcliffe won the competition in 2018. The agency has also won several PRWeek UK and Campaign awards in the past year.

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