'He is the epitome of creative genius' - What Inspires Me with Saskia Leuchars

The co-founder and MD of Capture Communications discusses what gets her creative mind racing.

Picture credit: Max Agace Photography
Picture credit: Max Agace Photography


Love or hate his work, I believe he is the epitome of creative genius. He is a socio-political commentator, tapping into the psyche of the moment with his subversive and satirical artwork. The unprecedented live sale of the Girl with Balloon that auto-destructed as the gavel came down at Sotheby’s last October, to become the freshly-titled Love is in the Bin, was PR excellence, creating a media storm. The artist’s hoax at the auction house’s 'expense' epitomises Banksy's anarchic and rebellious spirit, which I love.

The power of Banksy’s work lies within its easy-accessibility and instant-'gettability'. His derisive art has provoked divisive opinion; his wide-reaching influence on contemporary art and urban culture cannot be denied. We often see arts and activism in the industry working together to create some of the most inspirational work.

The natural world

Whether it’s watching some of the magnificent footage from one of the many David Attenborough documentaries or scrolling through landscape photography on Instagram, nature is full of wonders that sparks curiosity and innovation. Mother nature and its intricate beauty definitely inspires creativity.

Over the last few years and particularly in 2020, we have become more aware than ever before of the human impact on our fragile environment. I find myself asking, how can I work with brands to raise awareness of conservation issues? How can we clean our oceans and rewild our seas? What programs can we put in place to educate communities to help save our forests and their species?

A Forbes article earlier this year said: “Consumers are more likely to try, stay loyal, pay more and advocate for brands that genuinely do good. 66 per cent would switch from a product they typically buy, to a new product from a purpose-driven company. This figure goes up to 91 per cent for millennials.” These are the sort of brands we want to be working with and help other brands to give back to the environment and or their local communities.


Every year since I turned 18 I have ensured that I travel to at least one new country each year. Exploring new cities, trying new flavours and experiencing new cultures is one of my favourite things to do.

I find we get so involved in our current environments and lives, the chance to step out and travel and experience elsewhere gives us perspective and often provides new lenses with which we can see and think about who we are, what we are doing with our lives and what we care about. These enriching experiences can also be drawn on for brand activations, bringing other cultures to life here in the UK for others to enjoy.

Travel helps me to reset, opening the mind to life’s endless possibilities.

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