Burger King, Braun, Channel 4: Creative Hits and Misses of the Week

Helen Kenny, associate director at Manifest, takes a critical look at this week's creative offerings.

Burger King, Braun, Channel 4: Creative Hits and Misses of the Week

It’s the final week before Christmas and we can finally close down Zoom and collapse face-first into a plate of sausage rolls and a pint of Baileys. Here’s what has caught my eye this week.

Burger King, ‘Burger Queen’ by David Madrid

We all know women’s football is criminally neglected in comparison with the men’s game. Until this year, Stevenage FC Women’s players actually paid a sub to play and a recent crowdfunding attempt raised a measly £340 of their £5k target.

So I am loving this latest move from Burger King to level the playing field (pun intended) and expand its sponsorship of Stevenage FC men’s team to include the women’s team on the same terms.

A simple, smart and important build on their existing partnership that will have a huge impact on the team and the community. Nice touch changing social channels to ‘Burger Queen’ logo for launch too.

Channel 4, ‘Merry Different’ by Biscuit Filmworks

Channel 4’s first ever festive ad celebrates difference and encourages us all to adopt a glass-half-full attitude as we head for what is widely expected to be the worst Christmases ever. A charming and humorous concept executed with the channel’s quirky tone and reminiscent of every Christmas brainstorms I’ve ever been in. Cupid is my spirit animal.

Braun, ‘Sound, designed’ by The Wilds

Braun explores the phenomenon of synaesthesia, the ability to visualise colour through sounds, to launch its new LE speakers range. The campaign features two creatives with this unusual ability, with artist Jake-Andrew Nason creating a vivid representation of Tokio Myers’ music. An interesting intersection of art and music delivered in a lux-hipster style that will appeal to designophiles who get turned on by sexy audio equipment.

Doc Morris: Take Care by Jung von Matt

The Christmas ad for Dutch pharmaceuticals company Doc Morris had everyone ugly crying this week; melting even my cold, cynical heart. Ex-hottie turned isolated grandpa begins an obsessive kettlebell training regime, much to the concern of snooty neighbour who assumes it is some kind of pandemic-induced mental breakdown. Plot twist: he’s actually building strength to be able to lift his granddaughter to put a star on the Christmas tree. Warm and heartfelt without being too saccharine. Need that tracksuit.


Not today, Satan. 2020 has beat on the creative industry enough, and since normal rules don’t apply at Christmas, it is 100 per cent good vibes. Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.

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