'The tranquillity is the perfect tonic for data overload' – What Inspires Me, with Tyto's Brendon Craigie

Tyto's co-founder and managing partner reveals what stimulates his creative mind.

'The tranquillity is the perfect tonic for data overload' – What Inspires Me, with Tyto's Brendon Craigie

A big challenge

Nothing gets my mind working quite like a big challenge. For me, the most important thing the PR industry can do is solve business challenges through the power of communications. I unquestionably have a low boredom threshold and there’s nothing more inspiring to me at work than getting my teeth stuck into a difficult communications puzzle.

There’s no shortage of communications challenges in the world today, or great minds to help fix them. What we need, though, are better ways to get a breadth of perspectives on them. This is something I spend a lot of time focused on with my team.

The craft of others

I draw a lot of inspiration from the craft of others. For instance, I like to eat out and I’m always inspired by the craft on the plate of chefs and the general presentation of good restaurants. Their attention to detail is something we in communications can learn a lot from. Just like the way I think PR allows a client to punch above its weight, the creativity, ingenuity and attention to detail of a chef allows restaurants to achieve the same.

A debate

You can’t have a proper debate without different perspectives. Wherever I’ve worked I have always set out to surround myself with people from different countries and with different perspectives. It’s refreshing and enlightening to debate an issue with people who sit in different countries and come from different cultures.

The personal stories of entrepreneurs

I marvel at the thoughtfulness, creativity and focus of entrepreneurs. I’ve been lucky enough to have sat down with several unicorn CEOs over the past year to share experiences and insights. I draw a lot of inspiration from the stories of others. I especially enjoyed a recent discussion with Avinash Rugoobur, the president of Arrival, a company that’s transforming the commercial vehicle space. It was an electrifying conversation.

Forced isolation

We’re bombarded by information every day. I love listening to podcasts when I run, but occasionally I’ll just switch everything off and run with nothing apart from my own thoughts. I’m lucky enough to be able to hike in the mountains near where I live, and the tranquillity is the perfect tonic for data overload. My brain usually goes crazy with ideas when I do this.

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