Tech Talk with Tiicker founder and CEO Jeff Lambert

“There's a real opportunity in using technology to make a major leap in investor relations.”

Jeff Lambert, founder and CEO, Tiicker

What is Tiicker in layman's terms? 

I've had 25 years of doing investor relations and communications, and I know that individual investors are brand loyal, they support management and they buy what they know in stocks, just like they buy what they know at the grocery store or at a retail store. But brands have never been able to reach them in an efficient way. So Tiicker connects public companies to  their individual investors and converts individual investors to consumers.

We invite individual investors to link their brokerage accounts by offering them perks or rewards. Tiicker verifies ownership of the stock because in the past with the prevalence of online investing, public companies didn't have visibility into their own shareholders. 

How do you convert a consumer to a shareholder? 

We use direct marketing, advertising and sponsored content to reach out to consumers who are loyal to brands they love. But instead of promoting a product, we're promoting a stock. We have a team of editors and writers, so we produce our own content talking about public companies, perks and rewards. We're also active on social media.

Who are your clients? 

The way the revenue model works is public companies and two sides of the house: the investor relations department or the brand manager and CMOs. The brand manager was to attract new consumers and the investor relations [team] wants to engage their individual investors and attract more of them. We don't have any agency clients right now.

What measurement do you provide to your clients? 

We can measure how effective our marketing has been because when they come back to the site and link their brokerage account or buy shares. We have a partnership with interactive brokers and [financial services cloud provider] Tradier to have free trading on Tiicker. We can measure not just how many impressions we got or which articles they read by how many shares of stock they bought, the value of the stock and if they used a perk. 

How has the pandemic affected your work? 

For our clients, Tiicker is a very efficient spend. We look at the overall marketing budget, the CMO has 10 to 100 times the budget of what investor relations does. But investor relations is a large opportunity, so in downturns it becomes very important. It's actually countercyclical. With Tiicker, you get a two-for-one benefit: consumer and shareholders.  

Where do you see technology in the future of investor relations?

The use of technology to connect and market to investors has really been stymied by legal departments and the lack of connection between marketing and investor relations. We've yet to talk to a company where those two departments are in alignment. The size of the consumer shareholder market is $111 billion. There's a real opportunity in using technology to make a major leap in investor relations.

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