Smyle introduces emotion analytics platform for events

Excited or bored? The creative agency's system will measure feelings of attendees.

Smyle introduces emotion analytics platform for events

LONDON: U.K.-based creative agency Smyle has launched Return on Emotion, an analytics system that it says will help brands measure the emotional impact of physical and digital events.

Using technologies like facial recognition, pulse rate sensors, thermal imaging and neurotechnology, the program tracks feelings of joy, excitement, nervousness or even boredom among event attendees.

Return on Emotion is part of the company's new Smyle Metric measurement practice, which aims to provide analytics to mercurial metrics such as audience beliefs, behaviors and emotion responses.

“This is our answer to an industry-wide problem and raises the bar on outdated measurement practices,” said Dax Callner, strategy director at Smyle. “We are in the business of creating an emotional response in our audience, yet historically there haven’t been tools to measure emotional impact.”

On-site cameras, lightweight wearables or webcams in a virtual setting can be used to analyze facial movements. For smaller events, neurotechnology headsets can measure electrical activity of the brain and signpost moments of excitement, relaxation or focus. A more discreet option includes having guests wear wristbands with small built-in sensors that detect changes in the electrical resistance of the skin or measure heart rates.

For each option, guests are notified of the use of these technologies and offered the choice to opt out.

Using a dashboard, brands can access attendee response data during an event, and afterwards, Smyle Metric can provide users with comprehensive reports. The repost also includes a way to evaluate environment impact, which is important for brands with sustainability initiatives.

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