PRWeek UK Awards Winners 2020: Technology

This award goes to 'Going cold turkey on porn' by Third City for Zava – a cheeky campaign that involved posting videos of roast turkeys to popular porn sites to help raise awareness of erectile dysfunction and online doctor service Zava.

PRWeek UK Awards Winners 2020: Technology

Zava wanted a creative campaign that would promote its services in December – a key purchasing time for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment – with a shoestring budget of £5,000.

The initiative was based on three insights: a growing number of medical studies suggested a link between porn consumption and ED; awareness of this remains low; and porn use spikes in December, with 27 December the busiest day of the year for watching it. PornHub’s trend report highlighted that the site had 42 billion visits in 2019, so it was decided the campaign would use porn sites as the vehicle for spreading the message – "a medium not readily exploited through PR". 

So, 27 videos of roast turkeys were uploaded – with clickbait titles like ‘Big breast bird gets roasted’ and ‘Nice breasts, juicy thighs’, and popular tags such as #BigBreasts and #HotLegs – to the leading porn sites, all disseminating information about porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) and encouraging men to go ‘cold turkey’.

In less than a month from launch, the campaign had reached 1.1 million people on social media thanks to media, influencer and consumer posts. The media embraced the campaign, running a raft of major articles, including hero pieces in The Mirror, Star and Metro. Brand awareness of Zava increased by 31 per cent in December and average weekly hits to the Zava site increased more than threefold (pre campaign vs four weeks following launch).

Judge's comment

Incredibly witty and clever campaign that tackled a sensitive issue in a relevant way.

Highly commended

Northern Ireland gets Gander by Rumour Mill Creative Communications for Gander

Rumour Mill needed to introduce food waste app Gander to the Northern Ireland consumer market; drive downloads; grow sales of yellow-labelled foods; establish a core tribal following; and encourage positive messaging about reducing food waste. With a strategy that included traditional media relations, social media, Freshers' Week activity, influencer relations, advertising and real-time monitoring, the results were outstanding. More than 41,000 downloads achieved within three months; 8,000-10,500 active weekly users; and 45 per cent more food kept from waste. The client said it "couldn't have picked a better agency".


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